Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Report #1: How 'Make A Living Writing' is doing and How many people found it helpful?

Dear Visitors,

After being away for almost two months, Make A Living Writing is coming back with a new beginning, with some new awesome posts which will help you make a lot and lot of money, seriously.

These first five months of the blog were really amazing where we got amazing 179 Subscribers like you with more than 70000 unique visitors, not a bad start in any way I say. Some of you might be finding it hard to believe, ain't you? I am really not joking. Want to know the technique and work I have put on my blog to get this result? Subscribe now, Follow now, because I will be posting a detailed content on this very very soon.

I have been receiving a lot of emails daily from people having queries and doubts. I am feeling very proud to declare that I have helped more than 700 people in making money through what they write. I just want this number to increase every day and I am all set to help you with your questions and doubts.

What are you waiting for? Stay connected with the blog by Subscribing it, Following it, Bookmarking it.