Sunday, 30 June 2013

'Make A Living Writing' invite Guest Bloggers

You might always be wondering why do people Guest Blog. Guest Blogging is one of the most powerful technique of getting lot and lot of traffic on your Blog/Website.

Make A Living Writing is giving you an opportunity to feature yourself as a Guest Blogger.

Here is what we are looking for:
1. A relevant content which will help people in Make A Living Writing. It can be your personal experience, researched content, good theory, or anything else.
2. The submission should not be a copy pasted stuff. When we say that, we will check that in 30 best websites to check plagiarism
3. Email your content to akhil.khatri (at) alliancelive (dot) com

There is no limit on number of Guest Blogs as we do not believe in limiting access quality content. If your content is great, you will be featured.

Stay connected for more awesome opportunities coming in.


Friday, 28 June 2013

30 Best Websites To Check Plagiarism Online For Free

One things which writer is scared of is to see his work being copy-pasted by someone else. Believe it or not, there are millions of posts being posted daily which do not pass Plagiarism Check. Thousands of Bloggers/Writers are posting their original contents online and there are many who are spinning their content. Before we talk more about Plagiarism, let us see what exactly it means. In simple words, 'Plagiarism' is using similar content/ imitating content. 

Today, I am going to share 30 best websites to check plagiarism online for free. This post will not relevant for those who have nothing to do with Plagiarism (those copy paste people out there), but will be of huge value for bloggers and writers like us, like you and me.

10. Doc Cop
13. Viper
19. EVE2

Though there can be many more plagiarism websites online, but these are surely among the top. 

If you know any other such websites which you think deserves to be in the list mentioned above, do post it as the comment. I will surely include it in the list in the post in 'Make A Living Writing'. 


Saturday, 22 June 2013

21 Most Inspirational And Biggest Benefits Of Blogging

There was a time when there was nothing called a 'Blog'. Today, there are thousands of them being created everyday. Some create it just because they want to see what happens after they click 'Create Blog', some create it just for fun, some do it for serious purpose, and so on.

As I would not want you to imagine the things which people consider while starting their blog, I have compiled a list of 21 most inspirational and biggest benefits of having a blog. Here they are:

1. Becoming Good Writer : Many of us start blogging without having good hand with writing (including me). After spending several months writing blog posts, the blogger actually finds himself becoming better and better in his writing.

2. Sharing Knowledge : I have seen people having a good specific knowledge which is not known to many people. Many bloggers create their blog for the purpose of sharing their knowledge. Cooking Blogs, Blogs on Expert advise, can be taken as an example for this.

3. Big Influence : With good content, you develop a good loyal base of readers. Once you have it, you have people who respect and follow you.

4. Becoming Expert : It may all start with a well known information, but not many people reach the level of expertise. Just by writing on 'Make A Living Writing' does not this blog a successful blog. I have to keep posting things which will be helpful for all of yous, plus will be something which you can find nowhere else. That's becoming an expert. Once you are an expert, you realize the benefits.

5. Networking : Believe it or not, network is something which we all wants to grow bigger and better. 

6. SEO Improvement : With good content, you improve the SEO for your blog.

7. Build Email Base : Almost all of us check the emails daily and that's what makes emails as the best option to communicate. Having a lot of readers and comments and loyal base, gives you access to a lot of email IDs. You can communicate your relevant things to your readers via email. Do not SPAM.

8. Knowledge Base : You may not be having enough knowledge on what you are writing your blog on, but being regular to what you are writing, you ultimately gain knowledge of your subject.

9. Sell Your Product : Create a virtual store or link on the side of your blog and get your sales.

10. Start A New Business : Your blog which was created just for fun may turn into a new business tomorrow. I personally know many bloggers who started blogging just for fun for few hours in a week, but they are now writing full time making it their business. They are making $1000-$5000 a month easily.

11. Champion Researcher : That's something I just realized. I have been blogging since last 5 years on various blogs and I can promise one thing for sure. Be it anything you want, I can get it researched for you. That's what blogging made me.

12. Increased Creativity : Imagine yourself eating same food everyday. Same thing happens with your readers when you post your blog with similar content or tone. Keep surprising your readers with something out of the box. Regular bloggers generate this benefit,.

13. Making Money Through Advertisement Revenue : Google Adsense, Clicksor, many more. You can see my old post on 36 Best Websites For Revenue Generation 

14. Social Sharing : Your website or Facebook Page or any other link will start getting more traffic if you have it linked to your popular blog.

15. Fame Game : Who will not like to become famous guy? If you are good at what you do, you can expect a big queue for your views always. People will start seeking advise and guidance from you.

16. Business Ventures : Do expect other business opportunities coming in for tie-up or merger or something even better.

17. Understand Your Readers : As you keep blogging and start tracking the comments, traffic sources, social shares, etc, you will understand what your readers are actually looking for (if you do not have it yet on your blog). Realizing that, you can keep them more engaged and loyal by giving them what they want.

18. Better Social Shares : If you have a fan page on Facebook or Twitter, then sharing quality content and links will definitely help you building better platforms on Facebook and Twitter, after all they are not there only for your stupid messages and personal photographs.

19. More And More Writing : The more you write, The more you write. Confusing? It is just like any other thing you are indulged in. If you will write a lot, you will actually end up writing more and more and will ultimately love it.

20. Inspire Others : People who have been following you, will definitely want to start something what you did. It will inspire many people to start posting quality content.

21. Satisfy Yourself : I write to satisfy myself. I always wanted to be more on a social side than on preaching side. That is the only reason why Make A Living Writing came into existence.

Though I have mentioned 21 Biggest Benefits of Blogging, I would still want to request each one of you to mention more. It can be anything, just post it in the comment.


Tuesday, 18 June 2013

31 Best (And Free) Places To Effectively Promote Your Website Or Blog or Link

One thing I am going to promise in the beginning of this post that every post in the Make A Living Writing Blog is going to change the way you look at WRITING. For best results, I would recommend you to have a look at every post on the blog and see what it can give you.

Each of us, who is having a website or a blog, is looking for more and more traffic. Getting traffic might be little easy because all it needs is some spam link and some stupid promotional strategies, but getting a good traffic takes some time. All of you who are reading this post is what I call a good visitor.

Today, I am going to share with you 31 free best places to effectively promote your website or blog. Here we go:

3. Digg
4. Reddit
10. Amfibi
15. So Much
18. Tagza
19. Diigo
22. Google
23. Bing
24. Yahoo
28. Buzzle

There are many more effective free websites in the genres of the websites mentioned above. I would have posted one thousand links here, but it will not do much good to you. I would request you to Google Search 'Websites like <website name>' and you will be having a good list in front of you. 

I know that it is not very easy to reach the places where you want to, but it is very much possible. I have started Make A Living Writing some three months back and have started getting quality readers including you. All matters is quality, not quantity.

My next blog will be having a huge list of 'Article Submission Websites', really huge. What are those websites going to do to your website or blog or link? I say, "Wonders".

Stay connected and I will help you create some real magic to your website.


Happy Writing!

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

50 Best Websites To Earn Money Blogging And Writing - 50 Best Revenue Sharing Websites

The first thing which most of the new writers consider challenging is to create their own blog or website. Though that process is not at all difficult, but still many of them do not do it. No worries at all! You can still make a lot of money even after not having anything of your own.

There are plenty of awesome Revenue Sharing Websites for serious writers and bloggers. All you need to do it to create an account, follow the steps, read the rules, and get started.

Here are some of the most effective and 'the best' revenue sharing websites for you.

1. Squidoo : Squidoo is one of the best in its category with making the word 'lens' common for sharing your write ups or other stuffs. The best thing here is to promote what you have already written for some other website. You can create a lens with the link to your work and just post it. Squidoo will put the relevant ads matching to your content. People visiting your lens will be able to see those ads and whatever Squidoo makes from that, you will get your percentage via Paypal.

2. HubPages : Write whatever you wish to on HubPages, be it reviews, advice, opinions, information, anything. 

3. Yahoo Contributors Network : You can post your fresh contents or already written contents on Yahoo Contributors Network and make money through Adsense. All the advertisements shown on your contents will be generating revenues for you.

4. Knoji : Write for them and earn a percentage of revenues as your share.

5. Suite101 : There are articles available to write on various subjects. Choose your interest and start writing. You make money from the advertisements shown on your content.

6. CreateSpace : Great website for all those who write books. You can publish and sell your work here, plus you make money from Adsense.

7. Wikinut : Wikinut shares 50% of the revenue generated through every article. 

8. Shvoong : Write on anything you wish to write and take your share from the generated income through advertisements.

9. WonderHowTo : You can submit your articles here and take 100% of the revenue generated.

10. Triond : You can submit any content you want to and take 50% of the revenue generated.

11. Helium : Another great platform to write and earn a percentage from the advertisement reveneu generation.

12. HowToDoThings : How To Do Things pays you 50% of the revenue generated by your work.

13. BloggerParty : Another website which share 50% of the revenue.

14. BlogBurner : Blog Burner shares 50% of the revenue generated from your published content.

15. Oondi : Oondi shares 100% of the revenue generated by your content.

16. Bukisa : Bukisa is pretty old in the market and is a great platform. They pay you a fixed amount for every 1000 views received on your published content.

17. FireHow : You make a fixed percentage from the total revenue generated from your content.

18. Infobarrel : Infobarrel gives you 70% of the total revenue generated.

19. ArticleIncome : You make anything between 50-75% of the total revenue generated.

20. StoryMash : You make 100% of the revenue generated.

21. BlogHubz: You take 85% of the total revenue.

22. TntPages : 70% is the revenue which is shared with you by TntPages.

23. Xomba : Shares 60% revenue.

24. ReVud : Shares 90% revenue.

25. Evoire : Shares 80% revenue.

26. Free-Tricks : Shares 100% revenue

27. RantRave : Shares 100% revenue

28. Snipsly : Shares 80% revenue

29. Tip Drop : Shares 75% revenue

30. RedGage : Pays as per 1000 views on the article, similar to Bukisa.

31. AllBlogTools : Shares 100% revenue.

32. ShoutMeLoud : Shares 100% revenue

33. Thisisby : Shares 50% revenue

34. Flixya : Shares 100% revenue

35. Launch Tags : Shares 100% revenue

36. Senserely : Shares 100% revenue

37. My Triple Dub : Shares 70% revenue

38. Soul Cast : Shares 100% revenue

39. Vdox : Shares 100% revenue

40. 5050articles : Shares 50% revenue

41. Green Doc : Shares 100% revenue

42. Mesh Plex : Shares 100% revenue

43. Blog Evolve : Shares 100% revenue

44. Journal Home : Shares 100% revenue

45. Writing Campus : Shares 60% revenue

46. Your Blog : Shares 70% revenue

47. Screen Dig : Shares 75% revenue

48. Qassia : Shares 100% revenue

49. Lulu : Shares 100% revenue

50. Make A Living Writing : Get featured by being a Guest Blogger.

The above websites are very effective websites who have proved themselves in the market. If you are a blogger or a writer, start writing for these websites and 'Make A Living Writing'

Do not forget to check other blog post on the blog as they will be very helpful to you.


Happy 'Making Money'!