Tuesday, 1 October 2013

20 Best Ways To Get Freelance Writing Clients (Assignments) : Part 1

Information is flooding everywhere. You just type a single keyword and you will get millions of results. This will help you understand the scope of writing and of freelance writers. By this, I do not mean to mention that any 'this or that' sort of so-called writer can make a good career, not at all. Like any other field, Writing also needs quality writers like you.

Considering the number of quality writers present around, it becomes very important for each of us to have a good number of clients who will give us work. They have options, so they need a reason from you to hire you for their services. The reason will definitely have to be created by you, isn't it? (Your quality content and unique writing style)

Let me help you with 20 best experimented and well-researched ways to get freelance writing clients.

1. Write For Top Bloggers
This is something which will rarely be advertised properly. There are a lot of top bloggers who pay for a quality content written for their blog. 
How do I know whether they pay? You will surely see this mentioned somewhere on their blog. You will have to spend few minutes on it to understand this. If it is not mentioned anywhere and you want to give it a try, drop an email (you will find it mentioned in 'Contact Us' or something like this) asking if they are looking for paid blogger. No one will kill you for that.
Why do they need this? Nice question! I am sure you might be thinking that the top bloggers already have many people ready to write as a guest blogger for free, then why would they need to pay someone for the same. Logically, you are right, but practically not. Having many interested guest bloggers will not guarantee the quality content. With the increasing number of promotion-hungry bloggers, it becomes very difficult for the top bloggers to moderate each and every post and to check on the quality. They would rather get free from this headache by offering financial benefits to quality contributors. It will not be wrong to mention that financial benefits will make you more serious towards writing quality content. 
How much do they pay? It is all case-specific. Some of the top bloggers can pay up to $80 for each quality post, whereas there are some who can pay $5 for the same. You need to take care of the fact that you cannot be greedy specially when you have just started it. Remember that it takes time, you cannot do it overnight.
2. Google It
Am I kidding? I know that you know this very well. Not many bloggers will use Google properly to search for writing clients. You need to search with different keywords and various combinations of it. Google make things very easy when you want to look for anything. It is not humanly possible for anyone to search for their requirement in a specific website.
Some of the most used keywords while looking for writing clients include "guest blogger wanted", "freelance writer wanted", "article writer wanted", "quality writer wanted", "paid writer wanted". Google It now.
3. Get Referred By Other Blogger Friends
Why will anyone refer you when everyone is racing to get more and more work? It does not work this way. When I started blogging, the first thing which happened accidentally was to get in touch with other bloggers. We exchanged some emails, over Skype calls, and we got kind of friends. Perfect networking, I say.
Though my only intention to network with them was to learn some more about blogging and various areas which can be covered (I was zero in Blogging). After some days of being in good network with those bloggers, one of them emailed me to know my interest in writing for one of his clients. She was not able to take that assignment as she was over packed with work from other clients. She decided to passed it on to me, I happily took it, completed it with lot of nervousness (since it was my first paid assignment), and found that client was delighted with my work.
That ways I had one client in my kitty who could give me more work. A simple networking worked for me. Try it as it might work for you too.
4. Sell Yourself On Your Blog
I know that you have been working day and night to promote your blog/website. Some of you have already started getting good results after implementing some very important suggestions posted earlier on Make A Living Writing. Why not you use a special corner on your website to promote yourself. Convey to all your readers that they can hire you for any required services. When they know it, there are more chances to get hired. Isn't it?

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