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50 Best Websites To Earn Money Blogging And Writing - 50 Best Revenue Sharing Websites

The first thing which most of the new writers consider challenging is to create their own blog or website. Though that process is not at all difficult, but still many of them do not do it. No worries at all! You can still make a lot of money even after not having anything of your own.

There are plenty of awesome Revenue Sharing Websites for serious writers and bloggers. All you need to do it to create an account, follow the steps, read the rules, and get started.

Here are some of the most effective and 'the best' revenue sharing websites for you.

1. Squidoo : Squidoo is one of the best in its category with making the word 'lens' common for sharing your write ups or other stuffs. The best thing here is to promote what you have already written for some other website. You can create a lens with the link to your work and just post it. Squidoo will put the relevant ads matching to your content. People visiting your lens will be able to see those ads and whatever Squidoo makes from that, you will get your percentage via Paypal.

2. HubPages : Write whatever you wish to on HubPages, be it reviews, advice, opinions, information, anything. 

3. Yahoo Contributors Network : You can post your fresh contents or already written contents on Yahoo Contributors Network and make money through Adsense. All the advertisements shown on your contents will be generating revenues for you.

4. Knoji : Write for them and earn a percentage of revenues as your share.

5. Suite101 : There are articles available to write on various subjects. Choose your interest and start writing. You make money from the advertisements shown on your content.

6. CreateSpace : Great website for all those who write books. You can publish and sell your work here, plus you make money from Adsense.

7. Wikinut : Wikinut shares 50% of the revenue generated through every article. 

8. Shvoong : Write on anything you wish to write and take your share from the generated income through advertisements.

9. WonderHowTo : You can submit your articles here and take 100% of the revenue generated.

10. Triond : You can submit any content you want to and take 50% of the revenue generated.

11. Helium : Another great platform to write and earn a percentage from the advertisement reveneu generation.

12. HowToDoThings : How To Do Things pays you 50% of the revenue generated by your work.

13. BloggerParty : Another website which share 50% of the revenue.

14. BlogBurner : Blog Burner shares 50% of the revenue generated from your published content.

15. Oondi : Oondi shares 100% of the revenue generated by your content.

16. Bukisa : Bukisa is pretty old in the market and is a great platform. They pay you a fixed amount for every 1000 views received on your published content.

17. FireHow : You make a fixed percentage from the total revenue generated from your content.

18. Infobarrel : Infobarrel gives you 70% of the total revenue generated.

19. ArticleIncome : You make anything between 50-75% of the total revenue generated.

20. StoryMash : You make 100% of the revenue generated.

21. BlogHubz: You take 85% of the total revenue.

22. TntPages : 70% is the revenue which is shared with you by TntPages.

23. Xomba : Shares 60% revenue.

24. ReVud : Shares 90% revenue.

25. Evoire : Shares 80% revenue.

26. Free-Tricks : Shares 100% revenue

27. RantRave : Shares 100% revenue

28. Snipsly : Shares 80% revenue

29. Tip Drop : Shares 75% revenue

30. RedGage : Pays as per 1000 views on the article, similar to Bukisa.

31. AllBlogTools : Shares 100% revenue.

32. ShoutMeLoud : Shares 100% revenue

33. Thisisby : Shares 50% revenue

34. Flixya : Shares 100% revenue

35. Launch Tags : Shares 100% revenue

36. Senserely : Shares 100% revenue

37. My Triple Dub : Shares 70% revenue

38. Soul Cast : Shares 100% revenue

39. Vdox : Shares 100% revenue

40. 5050articles : Shares 50% revenue

41. Green Doc : Shares 100% revenue

42. Mesh Plex : Shares 100% revenue

43. Blog Evolve : Shares 100% revenue

44. Journal Home : Shares 100% revenue

45. Writing Campus : Shares 60% revenue

46. Your Blog : Shares 70% revenue

47. Screen Dig : Shares 75% revenue

48. Qassia : Shares 100% revenue

49. Lulu : Shares 100% revenue

50. Make A Living Writing : Get featured by being a Guest Blogger.

The above websites are very effective websites who have proved themselves in the market. If you are a blogger or a writer, start writing for these websites and 'Make A Living Writing'

Do not forget to check other blog post on the blog as they will be very helpful to you.


Happy 'Making Money'!


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  22. Before I comment AT ALL, I want you to understand I believe you're on the up-n-up.

    That said, reading some of the comments, along with the number of ways to package and advertise your website, well, it comes darn close to sounding "too good to be true," and I'm sure anybody with any life experience knows, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. However, as a 100% permanently and totally disabled vet, all I really need to do is find a reasonable supplement to my income (13 years as an OFFICER, and my disability pension, which is the maximum allowed for a single person, is barely above the poverty line. Don't buy the government's crap that they're taking care of vets. They most certainly are not). My biggest problem regarding blogging is coming up with just ONE thing I want to write about either daily, or even 4 or 5 times a week. (I'm well aware my problem is not what's being addressed in this article, but if anyone could lend a few pointers as to how to approach my "scatterbrain" problem, it would be greatly appreciated). Still, if I can find that one thing, or find a way to incorporate several different ideas into a blog, it could, again, very well be the answer to my money problems.

    Can anyone give me an idea of how much you could expect to make as a "run of the mill" blogger? Not that I would shoot for being just "run of the mill," but nor do I believe in LEGAL "get rich quick" schemes. Regardless, if indeed even half of the sites you listed above are legit', then it would indeed convince me to blog. Thank you for publishing this. Again, if even half of them work, then you might very well have found a way I can actually make it on my own--that is, living WELL above the poverty line.

    1. Hi there, I don't know you at all, but I was thinking, 13 years as an officer would have given you plenty to write about. How about : - How to discipline yourself to wealth? Discipline.... is it missing in todays world? How to get people to follow you. How to be a leader. How to be a good leader. How to follow. Rules and their uses. How to live .. again.

      Some of these topics may not apply to you, but I'm sure you could dig out some interesting lil tidbits that people would just love to learn about. Start by making a list or writing down the things that have happened in your life, to see if there's anything there that could be your potential little money pot. I'm sure there are.

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